Student Support

Buzz Lightyear Standing next to the words "To Proficiency and Beyond"
We are very fortunate at Dehesa to have a low student-to-teacher ratio, enabling teachers to provide effective instruction to their class, whether it’s whole class or small groups. Our dedicated staff works hard to identify academic classroom goals specifically targeted to areas in need of improvement.  Dehesa’s instructional staff includes highly qualified teachers, education specialists, paraprofessionals, and instructional aides. In addition to our staff, Dehesa also takes advantage of our Cross-Age Tutoring (CAT) Program. This program matches 6th through 8th graders with younger students. CATs work with students in the classroom to reinforce and practice skills that are being taught.  

Teachers analyze assessment data regularly to align their instruction to meet the needs of the students. Students with additional specific academic needs are targeted for extra support. If the identified student does not make adequate progress, he/she is referred to a Response to Intervention Team (RTI) to develop a plan to foster success. Our NEU philosophy supports our school-wide goal to ensure that ALL students excel “to proficiency and beyond!”

In addition to our instructional staff, Dehesa has an outstanding certificated support staff that includes a(n)

    •     School Counselor
    •     Educational Psychologist
    •     Occupational Therapist
    •     Speech/Language Specialist
    •     Director of Special Education   
    •     Program Specialist