College Bound

NEU Dehesa Logo "College Bound"
Bill Walton Standing next to the NEU Dehesa Logo
                                                 Bill Walton Supports Our NEU Philosophy

Dehesa School formally adopted a philosophy of college readiness for EVERY student: We believe that EVERY child deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college.  In 2013 we formalized our commitment to our students’ long-term educational goals for college readiness by becoming a No Excuses University School. 

The commitment to the Six Exceptional Standards is evident wherever you go on campus.  When you visit, you’ll be able to see our College spirit and commitment everywhere, from the inspirational murals painted throughout the school, to the flying flags and colors of the university each classroom has adopted.  University t-shirts, chants, and fight songs can be seen and heard during our Friday morning assemblies.  Students learn grade level appropriate college vocabulary, ensuring familiarity and fluency with the path to university.  Teachers and staff work collaboratively to ensure academic preparation meets the highest possible standards.

Mrs. Perez's Class in their College Shirts
Mrs. Perez's Class is College Bound